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It's Cold Outside . . .

But your Whole Body is Warm when you wear the Exchanger Full Head Cover. Whether working or playing the Exchanger Full Head Cover will provide you with winter comfort that you never thought possible. Take the chill out of your winter experiences by breathing warm air with the Exchanger Mask.

It's Cold Outside . . .

But your Whole Body is Warm when you wear the Exchanger ST Mask. Whether working or playing the Exchanger ST Mask will provide you with winter comfort that you never thought possible. Take the chill out of your winter experiences by breathing warm air with the Exchanger Mask.


Inside every Exchanger Mask is a patented Heat Exchange Module. As the user exhales, the air leaving the mouth is directed from the mouth-port through the chambers of the Heat Exchange Module, which stores the heat and water vapor from the exhaled breath.

The heat exchange built-in module inside all Exchngers copper coils and meshing capture heat and moisture

When the user inhales, the cold environmental air travels through the chambers of the Heat Exchange Module, picking up heat and water vapor. When the air enters the mouth it is warm.

Breathing Cold Air Cools the Body the ExChanger Mask Lets You Breathe Warm Air to Help You Stay Warm.

Illistration of how we lose heat when we breathe Illistration of how the Exchanger keeps you warm

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?
The Exchanger Mask operates by capturing the heat and water vapor normally lost with each exhaled breathe and uses this to warm and humidify each inhaled breathe.

What is the Power Source?
Your body without the Exchanger your body loses a large amount of energy with each exhaled breath. When you "see your breath" you are also seeing the heat your body is losing, the Exchanger will significantly reduce this heat loss.

Cold Toes?

If your toes normally get cold in the winter it is typically a result of your body conserving heat loss more than a problem with your boots. Protecting your "core" with the Exchanger will provide more heat for your body to circulate around to the extremities such as your hands and feet. The use of the Exchanger will actually keep your hands and feet warm longer.

Will it wear out?
The Exchanger is designed to last for several seasons with proper care and attention.

How do I clean it?
The Exchanger is cleaned by simply hand rinsing and drip-drying.

What are the temperature ranges that the Exchanger can be used in?
The Exchanger has been used in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees F to -50 degrees F. Whenever you start to get cold it is time to wear your Exchanger.

Who can use the Exchanger mask?
Anyone who feels cold can use the Exchanger Mask. Many outdoor workers including construction workers, airport employees, express package employees, utility companies, as well as many outdoor sportsmen or women can use the mask while they work or play. Basically - anyone who spends appreciable time in cold environment can use the Exchanger Mask.

How does it work?
It's actually amazing. A new patented technology known as "thermal exchange" is a built-in module that literally warms you from the inside out. The copper coils and meshing in the module capture the heat and moisture from your own exhaled breath. There is no outside power source or replaceable parts. Your next incoming breath is then heated and moisturized on its way back through the mask. Even at - 20° tests show that you are breathing an average 89°F with 75% humidity. This means your core body temperature stays up allowing the warmth to stay in your extremities. Your fingers and toes even stay warmer. You can wear fewer layers of clothing.

How cold does it have to be to wear the Exchanger Mask?
Cold is relative. If you feel cold - you are cold. Hypothermia begins at 50°F. Many people with medical conditions such as heart surgery or asthma - type health problems say that they can't be out below 40°F. With the Exchanger Mask these people are able to continue colder activities that they otherwise could not. There are also those who have worn it polar bear hunting and told us that at -65°F it made a huge difference in the time they were able to stay out.

Will my glasses fog?
Not with a proper fit. You must have a good smooth firm fit and breathe only through your mouth. If you inadvertently breathe through your nose, the air will come up from behind your mask, and fog your glasses. Most people don't have a problem with it but all people are different. The ST model contains a built-in nose clip to help get a better fit, and would also help.

What kind of activities are good for the Exchanger Mask?
The Exchanger Mask is for anytime and anywhere you are cold. Hunting, fishing, waiting for the bus or train, standing in the lift line at a ski resort, working on a forklift in a freezer facility, cheering your favorite football team or taking out the trash. Of course the more active you are the more heat your own body creates. If you become too warm just pull it down for a few moments to cool down.

Should I get the Exchanger ST or the Full Head Cover?
Both models of the Exchanger Mask have the built-in thermal exchange module.
The Exchanger ST is a shorter version that comes only to the chin. The ST is a one-size-fits-all model and may be easier to set size and just slip on and off. There is more mobility with the ST and the nose clip addition helps with the fit.
The Full Head Cover is a balaclava style one-size-fits-all model.

What is it made of?
The fabric is polypropylene. The patented Exchanger module is made of copper meshing encased in neoprene. The model designed for utility workers and other environments where flame resistant product is needed is made of Nomex fabric. It can be cleaned by hand washing and hanging it to drip dry.

Can I Run at a fast pace with the ST/Sport?
Prolonged fast exercise wearing the Sport Exchanger takes some getting used to, you are breathing your own air thus reducing your CO2 intake. The warm air reduces sore throats associated with breathing cold air. Breathing warm air will increase the benefits of exercising by reducing the energy it takes to to maintain your body heat.

The Polar Wrap Story

For 50,000 years humans have been copying Mother Natures design’s in order to keep warm. We have been using feathers, furs and skins but we still get cold. Polar Wrap began by asking the question why? We found the answer lies in the fact that humans have missed out on one of Mother Nature’s most important design features — the ability to capture heat and water vapor from our respiratory system and to use this energy to preheat the fresh air we breathe. This capability is built into the nose of all cold weather mammals. Lacking this design, however, we humans find ourselves, quite literally, out in the cold. Instead, Mother Nature left us to our own devices to figure out how to beat the cold and compensate for what we are lacking. The Polar Wrap Exchanger Mask provides the missing part of the equation. We at Polar Wrap are committed to spreading the word that humans are Born To Breathe Warm, and the Exchanger Mask is the only way you can do it in the cold.

Humans are born with the necessity to breathe warm air regardless of temperature outside. Keeping our body core protected from the invasion of cold air is key to cold weather comfort and safety. The Heat Exchange Module inside each Exchanger Mask allows for the capture of heat from each exhaled breath and the return of this heat back to the body by preheating the cold outside air before it enters the body. The benefits of breathing warm air are remarkable.
The Exchanger Mask’s patented technology brings cold weather protection to the most vital part of our body, the body core. Simply the most powerful product you can use for cold weather protection and comfort.

How We Stay Warm

Humans, who originated in tropical climates according to anthropological theories, are better suited to get rid of body heat than to preserve it. We have always coped with cold temperatures externally by creating our own micro-climate to protect our bodies - putting on extra layers of clothing, creating heat to warm ourselves, building shelter. For centuries, humans have been trying to copy the natural external attributes of cold-weather mammals, such as fur and insulating body fat. But we've failed to address one of the most significant ways in which we lose body heat - by inhaling and exhaling cold air. Humans can lose more than 40 percent of our body heat by breathing. Cold-weather mammals are naturally equipped with long snouts and enlarged sinuses, allowing the respiratory system more time and space to warm the intake of air before it reaches the body's core. Humans' respiratory systems are ill equipped for that purpose.

The Polar Wrap Exchanger mimics the natural ability of cold-weather mammals by capturing the heat and water vapor that we exhale and using it to transform cold, dry air entering the body into warm, moist air. The thermal exchange device within each Exchanger traps the heat and water molecules, and recycles them back into the respiratory system. With each breath, the Exchanger enables the respiratory system to transfer warmth to the body's inner core in a continual process.

Have you ever wondered why you can "see'' your breath on a cold day?
The breath that you see is actually the heat and water vapor that is being exhaled from your body. As we exhale, the evaporation of moisture from the respiratory system uses heat and cools the body. The faster and deeper we breathe, the more we lose moisture and heat when we exhale. The colder and drier the air, the greater the heat loss. With each breath of cold air we take, we continue to expose our inner core to frigid temperatures. And, as our body cools from breathing cold air, less blood flows to the outer shell (our muscle, skin and superficial tissues), preserving heat for our vital organs. In cold temperatures, blood is shunted from the periphery to the core, reducing heat lost to the environment. Constricted blood vessels can reduce blood flow to the skin by 99 percent - that's why extremities such as our hands and feet feel coldest first.

Performance tests show that using the Polar Wrap Exchanger can dramatically increase the body's ability to stay warm. In outside temperatures of 10 degrees F, the Exchanger keeps the temperature of air flowing into the respiratory system at or warmer than 80 degrees F. Without the Exchanger, the respiratory system exposes the inner core to the same frigid temperature as the outside air.

Another harmful effect of cold air is its tendency to dry out mucus membranes, leaving the body susceptible to illness. Humidity levels within our respiratory tract are important because mucus membranes, which provide a protective lining, need moisture to exist. When we breathe cold air, our respiratory system dries out, leaving it vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. The humidity recycled by the Polar Wrap Exchanger keeps mucus membranes moist and ready to ward off the causes of infection. Breathing warm, moist air in a cold environment is the key to keeping the body warm, healthy and comfortable. By continuously recycling our own body heat and water vapor, our inner core and vital organs can stay warm and our respiratory tract can maintain healthy humidity levels. The Exchanger allows humans to replicate the ability of polar bears to survive in below-freezing temperatures - in comfort.


The Effects of a Heat Exchange Mask on Sprint Performance in the Cold

John G. Seifert*, Jeremy Frost,and David W. Bacharach.
Human Performance Laboratory,
St. Cloud State University,
St. Cloud, MN 56301


It is thought that the transfer of heat and/or water vapor away from the body leads to broncho- and vaso-constriction. Deal et al. (1979) and McFadden (1983) reported that inhalation of cold, dry air decreased pulmonary function and increased cardiovascular stress. As cold-induced vasoconstriction occurs, there is a redirection of blood flow away from the tissues to the body core, which may then, impact muscle performance. It stands to reason that cold air should be warmed and humidified before it enters the pharyngeal area. Wearing a specially designed heat exchanger (HE) may reduce physiological stress. The HE is filled with copper that serves as a thermal medium by trapping some of the expired water vapor and heat. However, it is not known whether reducing pulmonary and/or cardiovascular stress would impact performance. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of a HE on repeated sprint performance and physiological function during exercise in the cold.
Eight healthy, asymptomatic subjects (age range 21-28 yrs) volunteered to cycle four-35 kJ sprints separated by a 20 min seated rest period. Temperature was set at -9°C. Cycling workload was set at 4% of body weight. On one trial, subjects wore the HE during the rest periods and then removed it for the sprints. On the second trial, no intervention was used (NI). Pulmonary function was assessed before and after exercise, while heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) was collected at 16 min of each 20 min rest period. Mean arterial pressure (MAP) was calculated from systolic and diastolic BP.
Times to complete the 3rd and 4th sprints were significantly faster with HE than NI, 132.9 ±23.0 sec and 131.3 ±21.7 sec vs. 139.8 ±24.1 sec and 138.6 ±23.6 sec. Systolic BP and MAP were significantly less and HR was greater during the 3rd and 4th rest periods for the HE trial compared to the NI trial. Subjects on the HE trial experienced increases of 3.7 ±8.2% and 6.0 +6.1% in vital capacity and peak expiratory flow rate, but demonstrated significant decreases of 4.0 ±2.5% and 4.0 ±7.5% during the NI trial (p<.03). No differences were observed for diastolic BP, FEV1 or FEF25-75. A stepwise regression revealed that systolic BP, MAP, and vital capacity significantly predicted about 65% of variation in finishing times.

Results indicate that inhalation of cold air resulted in decreased sprint performance, decreased pulmonary function, and increased cardiovascular stress during the NI trial. These negative responses to cold exposure were alleviated by the use of a HE worn during the rest intervals. It is presumed that the HE minimized cold-induced stress, and may have facilitated the recovery process, by minimizing the thermal and water losses through the respiratory system and maintaining cardiovascular function.

References Deal, E.C., E.R. McFadden, R.H. Ingram, R.H. Strauss, J.J. Jaeger. Role of respiratory heat exchange in production of exercise-induced asthma. J Appl Physiol. 46(3):467-75, 1979. McFadden, E.R. Respiratory heat and water exchange: physiological and clinical implications. J Appl Physiol. 54(2):331-336, 1983. Acknowledgment To PolarWrap, Inc. for supporting this project.Exchanger Performance Test results

This chart indicates the temperatures at the Mouthpiece of the Exchanger
and at the Exterior Port.
The top line represents the Mouthpiece, the middle line is the Exterior Port
and the Bottom is the ambient air temperature..


This test indicates that the temperature of the air which entered the mouthpiece ranged from approximately 85 deg. F to 88 deg. F.
The temperature at the Exterior Port indicates that the air leaving the Thermal Exchanger Device is considerably colder than the temperature of air leaving the body. This information is consistent with the elevation of the air temperature at the mouthpiece. The Exchange Device is capturing the heat from exhaled breath and returning the heat back to the incoming air as compared to losing the heat to the environment. Test Conditions: Ambient Air Temperature: Approximately 5 deg. F Relative Humidity: 8% Respiration Rate: Normal



Infrared Image of subject wearing heavy fleece neck Gaiter at the point of maximum exhalationInfrared Image of subject wearing Polar Wrap Exchanger, at the point of maximum exhalation..

Infrared Image of subject wearing PolarWrap Exchanger, at the point of maximum exhalationInfrared Image of subject wearing heavy fleece neck Gaiter at the point of maximum exhalation..

Conditions: -14 deg. F Infrared Interpretations: Lighter the color the hotter the temperature.
The area of the exterior port represents a slight increase in temperature as compared to the temperature of the garment itself.
Conclusions: The temperature of the exterior port appears to increase slightly at the point of maximum exhalation. There is little variation in temperatures recorded overall. The Exchanger is not allowing the heat and water vapor that is typically emitted with each breath to be lost to the environment.

Conditions: -14 deg. F Infrared Interpretations: Lighter the color the hotter the temperature. The dark region around the mouth area represents high moisture not low temperature.
Observations: The temperature of the garment, which covers the mouth area, is indicating a very hot region. There is considerable build up of moisture in this region and is represented in this thermal image as the black ring around the white area.
Conclusions: The fleece garment heats up in front of the mouth region with each exhaled breath. There is a build up of water on the fleece gaiter. The subject appears to be losing a considerable amount of heat and water vapor to the environment with each breath.

Departments using The Exchanger Masks

Inver Grove Heights, MN
Butler Township, PA
Belmont, MA PD
Halifax, MA PD
Utah State Police
Green Bay Police
Alaska State Troopers
RMCP - Canine Training Unit Alberta, Canada
Cleveland, OH PD
Chicago Police
Burlington, VT Police


Quotes from Law Enforcement Officers who have used the Exchanger Mask:

"I was out for approximately 7-8 hours in close to 0° F temperatures while on stakeout - I was warm and comfortable with the Exchanger Mask. It also helped protect my health because I have problems with asthma and this mask kept me from breathing in the cold air that normally triggers my asthma problems." "This unit also eliminates the "breath signature" that you normally see in cold conditions." Officer Wolfe - Vermont

"Excellent product.... have tried many face masks in the past and have not been comfortable with any of them until now. The Exchanger Mask did not once freeze to my face or cause moisture discomfort for the full 8 hour tour. This included a highway (motorcycle) ride at 60 mph at 28° F. My entire face was warm and comfortable and whole body was more relaxed due to breathing in warm air.... was able to pull mask away from mouth easily to talk and transmit." Officer Gallager - Massachusetts

"This mask is great for all outdoor uses. I drove 100 miles of highway when it was 20° out and couldn't be warmer."
Officer Jacca Massachusetts

"Excellent mask - provided a lot of warmth during a cold (20°F) motorcycle ride on the highway for approximately 50 minutes."
Officer McEachern - Massachusetts

"All of my troopers loved them - we experience extremely cold conditions in Alaska and this piece of gear is just what we need."
Officer Hudson - Alaska

"I used this mask in 14 - 18° F temperatures during a football game - was outside for a total of 8 hours - there was no buildup of ice inside the mask and it was great breathing in the warm air through the mask. This is a GREAT product."
Officer from Green Bay, WI police


Press Quotes on the Exchanger Mask

Mike Miracle - Editor, Ski Magazine- "It certainly is the most effective warming gear I've ever worn."

Bobby Cleveland - Outdoor Editor, Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi- After getting cold in a freezer facility at -30 degrees. "Thirty seconds after donning the device ... I started warming. Thirty seconds more, I was able to tolerate the immense chill wearing only jeans, golf shirt and light denim jacket."

Charlie Meyers - Outdoor Editor, The Denver Post, Denver, Colorado- "Only occasionally does an invention make a real leap in achievement." Doug Smith - Outdoor Editor, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota "I strapped on the Exchanger last week during a -5 morning. The air I breathed was amazing warm."

Lisa Marshall - Staff Writer, Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado- "Nothing is worse that standing in a long lift line on a below-zero morning, fingertips and toes becoming stone cold despite those woolly socks and down gloves. The folks at Memphis based Polar Wrap, LLC ... have the answer."

Staff - Des Plaines Daily Herald, Des Plaines, Illinois "Next time we head to Soldier Field to watch the Bears lose on a freezing day, we're taking the Polar Wrap Exchanger."

Ron Pinet - Great Outdoors, The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec- "Any product that extends outdoor-comfort time has a ready market here, and one of the most ingenious is the Polar Wrap Exchanger."

Jim Casada - Las Vegas, News & Record,- 2000 Shot Show My choice for the most interesting item is the Exchanger Mask from Polar Wrap. I tested it by sitting in a cold locker where the temperature was below zero while wearing street clothes. After 10 minutes, I was still perfectly comfortable.

Larry Bozka Ð Texas Fish & Game Almanac- I entered the massive 5 degree below zero, Five minutes later, a Polar Wrap Exchanger Mask tightly affixed to my face, my muscles suddenly relaxed. Wearing nothing more than Wrangler jeans, a light cotton Rugged Wear shirt and tennis shoes with cotton socks and I'd actually stopped shuddering. This is incredible.

Quotes from users of the Exchanger Mask

"Since I have a heart condition the cold air limits my activity in the cold. I found this product very good at -10¼ F along with being very comfortable it also allowed me to stay outside much longer as it helped my breathing." B. McHugh, N.B., Canada

"I have pulmonary fibrosis which causes my respiratory system to be extremely sensitive to cold air. Several days were well under 50 degrees below zero. I ventured out several times to run a snow blower, shovel snow, and work in our unheated warehouse. Such activities, under those conditions, were made possible by using the thermal exchange device. I can state, without a doubt, it helped me significantly." Jim Whisenhant, AK

"After years of not being able to be in the cold, I am finally able to enjoy going outside in the winter. I no longer cough when wearing the wrap, and I am able to breathe much easier. I thank you for having this product available and would recommend this to anyone, regardless of their health." William Mullaney, NY

"I am a quintuple heart bi-pass recipient. I also have chronic bronchitis. I purchased one of the Exchanger Masks. My outside activities are now like night and day! And my physician is now interested in the product." Arnold Solars, IL

"I want to thank you for making a product that works. It's great. We have a child that has asthma. What a blessing." Dorothy McCarthy, NJ

"Typically I like to cross country ski or run up and down hills, I must say that after I got a respiratory infection over Christmas, the Polar Wrap is what enabled me to run at all, and I thank you for that." Paul Berger, M.D.

"The Exchanger works quite well. My 9-yr. old son has asthma and he tested it sledding on some of our coldest North Dakota winter days. It helped him immensely." Walter Grigas, ND

"My son and I were calling coyotes at -20 degrees F and were amazed at how warm it kept us.
No lie - in 20 below we were sweating." Dale Bateman, ND

"Used the Exchanger during various activities such as feeding livestock and duck hunting.
The length of time outdoors was considerable. I feel the product enabled me to stay out in severe weather for longer lengths of time while still staying comfortable warm" Timothy OConnell, MT

"This is a "why wasn't it sold years ago product!'" David Spina, Laurel, MT

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